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NT Bureau Globe was established in 1990. We specialize in visa service and advisory service in Russian Federation and CIS countries. We have provided our services for the clients from such locations as United States, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark from different industries including FMCG, civil engineering, maritime. If you would like to establish a business in Russian Federation, find business contacts, achieve certification and approvals - our services are for you. We make the business easier.



When applying for Russian visa.




ONLINE VISA APPLICATION (OVA) - The Clients that are using our visa services can apply now by online visa application system which is available online on our website. The system helps us to manage your visa request very fast and automaticly generates all required documents.

SENDING YOUR PASSPORT - After filling in the OVA and agreeing the price send us your passport by delivery service company to the following adress in Poland: NT Biuro Glob, ul. Jaskowa Dolina 9/5a 80-252 Gdansk. Please also attach one id picture.

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